Are FJ’s games fair?

FortuneJack absolutely guarantees fairness in every game with the groundbreaking Provably Fair algorithms as well as Random Number Generator certificate. 

Provably Fair games revolve around blockchain technologies. SHA-2 hash algorithm system ensures fair final outcome, without the possibility of prediction. Once the hash is generated, the result cannot be tampered with.

For more details about the technology, please visit the Provably Fair section of our website.

Why play on FortuneJack?

Because we are simply the best cryptocurrency Casino that you could ever find! 


With an enormous selection of games from a wide range of providers, huge and consistent promotions and bonuses, unmatched service and transparency, Provably Fair odds, a well-rounded selection of deposit and withdrawal options, and an amazing mobile-friendly page, adapted for the smoothest of gameplays, a better question would be: Why look for Fortune elsewhere?

Who are we?

FortuneJack is a creation of innovative trailblazers. After 20 years of professional experience in the world of gambling, where we honed our skills and knowledge, we took everything we learned and loved about the industry and created 

Developed and maintained by top software professionals, offers the best, most secure, and innovative online gaming experience available on the market. 

FortuneJack is built for both newcomers and veteran gamblers, with a stunningly designed, incredibly fun and carefree environment, that ensures consistent entertainment for gamblers of all types and preferences.


The core values of FortuneJack are continuous learning, privacy, responsibility, growth and the commandment of respect towards our community of players.

Soon you will realize why FortuneJack is considered to be the best Bitcoin Casino in the world.


We will do everything in our power to keep our players definitively happy! 


May the luck be on your side! 

What Games can you play on FortuneJack?

Any gambling games you might want, FortuneJack has got it all. 

Slots, Table games, Live Casino, Sports Betting, Dice, Video poker and Provably Fair games.

Powered by the top software developer companies in the world, to ensure the highest quality and most diverse selection you’ll find online. 

And we’re always adding more!

FortuneJack news and updates

All the updates regarding our new promotions, additional features, website updates, or policy changes can be viewed by following us on social media channels.

How can I play for free on FJ?

  1. You can use free play mode on slots
  2. You can also use FJC- FortuneJack Coin, to test some of the games. It has no material value and you can reset them at any time.

How can I verify my mobile number?

Step 1 - Sign in your FJ Account

Step 2 - Press Account -> Personal info

Step 3 - Press Edit Mobile. Enter country code in the small box next to "+" sign (Area Code) and input the number fully.

Step 4 – Click on the Verify button

Step 5 - you will receive the SMS with the verification code

Step 6 – Input the verification code in the box.

Your phone is now verified. 

Is it possible to have more than one account?

No. It’s not possible to have more than one account. Due to the security reasons, FortuneJack disqualifies users with more than one account. If the account is closed down, you’d have to request reopening through our support team.

Why do I need to verify my mobile number?

Without verified phone number, you won’t be eligible for Free Spins, bonuses or various promotions offered by FortuneJack.

Why do I need email verification? 

  1. You won’t be able to withdraw your funds if the address is not verified
  2. You won’t be eligible to claim any free spins or bonuses
  3. You won’t receive any ongoing promotions and/or promotional emails
  4. Our team won’t be able to get in touch with regarding unsolved issues

Can I change my registration email?

You’ll only be able to change your registration email before you verify your account. Once the account is verified, it’s impossible to edit the email address.

What is allowed if the email is not verified?

You can do the following:

  1. Deposit to the account
  2. Play any of our games
  3. Get in touch with our live chat representative


In order to start playing on FortuneJack, you are required to register and open an account with us. After that you can place your bets. Each member is only allowed to have one Member Account.

FortuneJack welcomes all the players above the legal age, according to the Country’s laws. 

Press the “Join Now” button and follow these simple steps 

  • Enter user name 
  • Type your e-mail addresses
  • Password requirements – at least 8 symbols, should contain: 1 capital letter, number digits and symbols
  • Carefully read our Terms and conditions before checking the box “I accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm that I am over 18 years old”
  • Click the button “Sign Up” 

Once your register with us, the verification link is sent automatically. We kindly advise you to check the spam folder and promotional section of your inbox.

The verification link has the time limit and it expires in 20 minutes.

How to cancel 2FA?

Please submit your request to indicating the reason for deactivation. Our support team will assist swiftly.

How to activate 2FA Authentication?

Go to Account >Personal Info >Security. There, you can find the section "High Security”. Below, there will be a “Activate 2FA" slider, press on it to turn it ON, then inputting the code provided by Google Authenticator. To add another device to 2FA, just turn off the slider and turn it back on and input new code. 

Even if someone were to get a hold of your primary password, they wouldn’t be able to access your account unless they also had your mobile phone or another secondary means of authentication.

How can I contact FortuneJack Customer Support?

FortuneJack’s support team works 24/7 and is always there to assist you in any possible way. There are 2 ways of communication:

  1. Via Email. Just send your request or question to
  2. 24/7 chat with a support team. Find the yellow icon on the bottom right side of the website. Pressing it activates the chat. Just start a conversation.

Can I play with multiple accounts? 

Multiple accounts are absolutely forbidden in our system and are grounds for a lifetime ban. FortuneJack allows only ONE account per user/IP address/household.

Why can’t I log in?

Sometimes you need to clear cookies and cache on your browser, and the problem goes away.

Also, make sure to input only username instead of email during the log in, it’s a common mistake.

Is my money safe with FortuneJack?

Your finances are absolutely safe, thanks to advanced security features of e-wallets, that are secure from any type of third-party interference. Also, e-wallets are based on blockchain technology which is famous for being impossible to breach. 

Website also uses Two-Factor Authentication Mechanism, which enables 2 component access to the account. Basically, instead of accessing just through your login and password, 2FA authentication enables players to add confirmation through the phone, making it impossible to hack your account. Nobody would be able to access the account without signing in, through login/password and mandatory phone confirmation. 

How can I access my account, if I lost my phone? 

You’ll have to briefly deactivate your 2FA authentication. In order to do that, email our support team on via your registration email and request deactivation. Our team will help you deactivate Two Factor Authentication.

Can I delete my account?

You can have your account suspended both permanently or temporarily by sending request to 

If the decision is due to responsible gambling, we support you completely. If you found FortuneJack unsatisfactory, please let us know what we can do to improve our service.

How can I contact the marketing department/social media managers/etc.?

Send your request/proposal to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate department.

How to recover my username or password?

There is a recover button on both Username and Password sections. For both cases you’ll need to input an email that your account was registered on. In case of lost username, you’ll need to enter your account’s password as well. 

In case of a lost password, please input username coupled with email.

After the above process is complete, a link containing the information will be sent to your email and will be valid for only 20 minutes. If the time expires, just repeat the same process. 

Why didn’t my transaction complete instantly?

Your transaction is simply undergoing a standard security checkup procedure and will be placed in your account by FortuneJack’s security team as soon as possible.

What does mBTC mean?

mBTC is the short abbreviation for “millibitcoin”. mBTC is one-thousandth of Bitcoin.

1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC

Can I play with FIAT currencies? (USD, EURO, Etc.)

FIAT currencies are not available at the moment, but FortuneJack is working on incorporating them in the near future.

Can I buy or exchange cryptocurrencies on FortuneJack?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide the sale of cryptocurrencies, but you can easily purchase them on websites such as; or

Same for the coin exchanges, Unfortunately, FortuneJack can’t perform them.

Why do I see USD during the play and in my account instead of what I deposited? (BTC, ETH, LTC, Etc.)

Balances on FortuneJack are automatically shown in USD currency to simplify the understanding of funds, which means that bets are made in USD equivalent and winnings are converted back to the currency you actually deposited into your balance. While enjoying any of our games, the section that provides information about your funds will automatically show your cryptocurrency - converted into US Dollar (according to the current rates).

Currencies supported by FortuneJack

FortuneJack accepts almost all the major Cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Tron and Dash. 

FortuneJack’s own Coin (FJC) is used for free play. It has no material value, and you can reset it at any time.

Does FortuneJack have a minimum deposit requirement?

There is no minimum deposit limit on the website. 

Although, if you want to receive a signup bonus, you must deposit at least 0.002 BTC (or its equivalent in other currencies). This bonus must be activated from the MY ACCOUNT –> BONUSES section.

For more information, please Visit the following link: 

Our advice would be to check the requirements of the games you’d like to play and verify the individual minimum amounts of bets. 

Our game providers have different games, with various requirements.

What is the deposit fee? 

Deposit fees are small payments for the transactions. Sometimes they are present and sometimes there are none. 

The deposit fees will be indicated when you’ll be sending the funds.

How can I make my first deposit?

Click the “Quick Deposit” button on the homepage, right next to the username column. 

A new window will appear. Select the currency, and you will be shown your deposit wallet address. 

Copy or scan the QR code and deposit any amount into your FortuneJack balance.

You can also deposit through: Account -> Balance -> Cashier -> Deposit.

To change the deposit wallet address, just push the button “New” under your wallet address and it will generate the new deposit wallet. 

How long until deposit shows up in my account?

Depending on the coin you have deposited, the process is usually instantaneous and takes minutes to complete.

I have sent ETH to a BTC address (or any currency to a mismatching wallet). What should I do?

It's generally impossible to send coins to a mistyped/wrong address. It will not reach the destination. 

The wallet service you used to transfer BTC/LTC/BCH etc. will cancel the transaction when sending it to the wrong wallet. 

When our customer makes a withdrawal using any of the available currencies on the website through incorrect wallet, the system cancels it automatically. 

In some cases, you have to refer to your wallet service provider.

How does block/transaction confirmation work?

The number of confirmations is simply a count of the numbers of blocks that the transaction is buried under in the chain.

Which currencies can I use to make the deposit?

You can make a deposit to your account using the following currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Tron and Dash. 

Each of them may require different quantities of confirmation from the blockchain miners' side.

How many confirmations are needed on the chain, for the coin to be reflected in my account balance?

You need only one confirmation on the chain for BTC transactions. Others will go up to at least six and more.

I haven’t received the verification letter on my email

Our verification link should be in the Inbox section of your email. There are cases when the letter might be placed into the Spam or Promotion sections, so you should check those out in your email if you don’t see the letter. 

If the letter is absent from all the sections of the email, please try to click the “Resend” button in your account. If this also fails, please contact our 24/7 support team. 

What is a 2x turnover amount?

In order to withdraw amount from your account, you have to turn over your deposit amount two times. Basically, bet twice the amount of your first deposit.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

Usually, the withdrawal process is instant at FortuneJack. 

But sometimes it goes through a standard security check until it is verified from our side. 

This is due to safety reasons for both parties involved. Should there be an issue, our support team will inform you instantly.

I have a problem withdrawing. The button is not working.

In order to make a withdrawal, you have to verify your account via the verification link that was sent to your registered email address. After this process is complete, the button should become active.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount on FortuneJack is 150 USD, or equivalent in any of our supported currencies

Requirements for making the withdrawal

There are 3 necessary requirements:

  1. Verify your account
  2. 2x turnover deposit amount 
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount of 150 USD (or equivalent in any of our supported currencies)

Why are my withdrawals being cancelled all the time?

In order to gain access to withdrawals, players must first turnover the deposit amount two times in order to complete the process.

How can I withdraw my funds?

There is a simple process you need to complete in order to withdraw funds from your account. 

First thing you do is visit your account balance page. 

Click the "Cashout" button and Input the amount you want to withdraw. 

For convenience, you can click X/2, which will let you withdraw half of your balance, or "ALL", which will transfer all of the funds to your wallet. 

What type of bonuses does FortuneJack have?

There are numerous bonus promotions present on FortuneJack. They revolve around different products: Slots, table games, live casino and sportsbook. 

Each product has a unique bonus system, but there are constant bonuses like the 1st deposit bonus. 

For more detailed information and Exclusive Offers, please visit FortuneJack's Promotions page.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are used in Slot games. FortuneJack is providing newly registered players with a bonus of 25 free spins.

Players who make the first deposit of a minimum of 0.05 BTC can qualify for 250 Free spins.

Why can’t I use the registration free spins?

In order to get your registration free spins, you have to verify your phone number within the 3 days of registration. Free Spins will be added to your account on the next day of phone verification at 00:01 BST (Server Time).

Please note that Registration free spins are valid for only 24 hours after the phone verification and must be used by 23:59 BST of the day they were issued.

How can I get Free Spins?

There are several constant promotions available on FortuneJack that provide access to Free Spins.

  1. 25 Free spins given as a welcome bonus upon registration. 
  2. If your first deposit is at least 0.05 BTC (equivalent in other currencies accepted) or higher, you receive 250 spins. 25 Spins each day, during the 10 days.
  3. If you make a deposit within 24 hours of receiving your deposit bonus; offers 2 through 4, you get 50 spins. 

The above are FortuneJack’s constant promotions, that are always available to new players, but there are also various promotions and bonus that appear from time to time with Free Spin qualification possibilities.

When can I use my bonus money and how do I wager it?

Bonus money can only be used in slots once the original deposit has finished. After that, only bets made with bonus money count towards the wagering requirement. The most you can bet when you have a pending or active bonus is 0.0014 BTC. These rules should be followed in order to avoid the cancelation of the active bonus.

What is the 5 BTC Welcome pack?

The welcome pack is a series of deposit bonuses. If you make the maximum deposit for each one, it adds up to 5 BTC total! Once you register and deposit, the bonuses will be available in your account, under the bonus section.

How can I use my 25 Free spins?

After the completion of verification process, go to Account -> Bonuses -> Free Spins. Here you’ll notice the status of the upcoming spins with the date and time. Press the “Play” button and choose from the several games available.

Can free spins be converted into cash?

Free spins cannot be converted into cash. They can only be used in certain, exclusive Slot games.

Where can I find the detailed information about all of FortuneJack’s bonuses and promotions?

You can get detailed information about our Bonuses system from the Promotions page. 

Each of the bonuses and promotion available on website have their individual terms and conditions information, that details all the requirements and processes of the gameplay.

What is wagering requirement?

Wagering requirement is the amount that you have to bet in total, before you can withdraw the Bonus.

How can I get a Bonus?

There are various Bonuses available on FortuneJack (1st deposit, sign up bonus, etc.). All you need to do is activate them from your Bonuses page and make a minimum deposit, if the promotion has one. For more details, please visit FortuneJack's Promotions page.

What does “Bonus” mean?

A Bonus is an extra amount added to your balance as a token of appreciation from FortuneJack. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes and are all paired with specific wagering requirements.

There’s a glitch/bug during the gameplay. What should I do?

If you encounter a bug or a glitch during your gameplay, please feel free to report the details of the occurrence to our Bug Bounty service at, and you will be generously rewarded for your efforts!

What should I do if I encounter a problem during the gameplay?

If you happen to stumble upon a problem with the website or during your gameplay, please contact our helpful Customer Service immediately and inform them about the details.

Our support will swiftly resolve any pending problems.