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fortunejack.com is one of the most trusted names in cryptocurrency gambling industry. Our Affiliate Program offers you a chance to promote our brand and reap the generous rewards.

Why FortuneJack Affiliate Program?

On Time Monthly Payments In Depth Performance Reports Unlimited Earning Potential
No Negative Balance Carryover Most Professional Crypto Casino Brand In The Industry Responsive Top-Notch Support Staff 24/7

3 Easy Steps to Start Profiting

Getting Started

Getting started with FortuneJack Affiliate Program is a very straightforward process. Simply generate tracker link in your Affiliate Platform and use different marketing tools to attract players to FortuneJack using your tracker link. You can create as many tracker links as you wish.

You start earning when your referrals register and wager coins on FortuneJack through your tracker link. Our tracking software labels players you referred forever, so you keep earning as long as your referral keeps playing on FortuneJack. Please note that our software labels usernames and not IPs, so it doesnӴ matter from which location you referral plays.

Our Affiliate Program serves both website/blogs and individuals. If you are website owner you can download FortuneJack banners in different sizes and formats. Please note that trackers are automatically attached to banners so if you have multiple tracker codes please make sure that you select correct tracker name before downloading a banner.

Individuals are welcome to use tracker link on their social networks, forums, private interactions or come up with creative marketing methods.

Important: Marketing methods that include targeting underage people, spamming, marketing through illegal/immoral channels or any other type of restricted advertising are not allowed in FortuneJack Affiliate Program. We reserve the right to ban any user who is suspected in such activities without prior notice.


By generating traffic to fortunejack.com that results in players who deposit and play, you earn commission. Commission is earned when your referral registers via your tracker links, wagers money on FortuneJack and loses it. You earn a percentage of that playerӳ losses (casino profit). If your referral wins at our casino, winning is NOT deducted from your earnings it is simply regarded as 0 profit for you.

Commission can range from 5% to 40% of Casino Profit. Casino Profit is the amount that player lost minus variable costs like bonuses and operational fees.

Commission percentage is based on monthly total wagered amount. Total wagered amount is the sum of wagered coins from your referrals in one month. For example, letӳ say you have 3 referrals. First person wagered 10 BTC, second person wagered 15 BTC and third person wagered 5 BTC, your commission percentage is calculated from 30 BTC total wagered amount.

Below is the Commission System:

Wagered PROFIT %
0 - 20 20%
20 - 40 25%
40 - 60 30%
60 - 80 35%
80 and more 40%

Total Wagered amount is reset to zero at the start of each month. In order to continue earning your referrals should keep wagering coins each month. If you see that your referrals are not wagering enough coins, you should launch more active marketing campaign and try to invite more people.

We offer you 20% poker affiliate commission from the casino rake (4%) if you can manage to attract and increase traffic to the poker game. Please note that we will deduct 25% administration fee when calculating your rake.

Remember, profit from DICE is not included in affiliate program, but if your referrals play Dice you get additional 5% wagered amount from Dice, in your total wagered balance. That helps you to improve commission profit percentage .

Payouts & Reporting

Commission Payments are made to your FortuneJack account. You can withdraw immediately without any hidden costs. At FortuneJack we even pay for our users withdrawals fees.

Please note that FortuneJack offers multiple cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. Even though wagering stats are calculated in Bitcoins. If your referrals use different currencies your profits will be paid in Bitcoins as well.

Payments are made every month on the 5th date.

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