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A quick history of Zcash

Zcash was initially inspired by Bitcoin and the many other cryptocurrencies that boasted complete transparency while also offering anonymity. It was quickly seen as a bit oxymoronic, and the necessity for the option of true anonymity quickly became an apparent need. Zcash history therefore begins by solving the issue by creating the Zerocoin protocol, which became the Zerocash system, and then that became a cryptocurrency.

But Zcash history is still be forged. Today, Zcash is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, so it's extra features might come secondary to the potentially consistent and steady returns on investments that it offers.


Zcash gambling overview

If you've every placed a bet on anything, you understand the general concept of betting with Zcash. The idea is that you risk an amount of coin in the hopes of winning more of it. The higher the odds that you won't win, the better the payout if you do, and the lower the payout is, the better your odds of winning. That's the general rule of Zcash gambling, but it's a lot more exciting than that.


What to expect in Zcash casino

With the awe-inspiring animation, sound effects, and graphics delivered by the best gaming providers in the industry, the immersion is truly incredible from the privacy of home. No longer do you need to hit an ATM on your way to the nearest land-based casino, which could be hours or more away. Now, you can experience Zcash gambling action on your computer or on mobile device, and it's been that way since the mid-1990s. And with third-party auditing, government oversight, and strict regulations, not to mention the court of public opinion held on all player forums and expert review sites, finding a safe, legitimate, and fair Zcash casino has never been easier.


How FortuneJack does Zcash gambling

At FortuneJack, we took the torch of high-quality online casino fun and made it cryptocurrency specific, meaning you can only deposit in, play with, and withdraw in Bitcoin or altcoins, including Zcash. We also have all the certifications and licenses, but we take player comfort to the next level with a Provably Fair system, where players are able to see the randomness and fairness of our games firsthand, and even change up the seeds for unmatched power over your fortune.

As for the Zcash Casino, get Zcash, and you can choose from hundreds. More varieties of Slots than you could count, tons of Video Poker, all the table classics like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette, and we have Live Casino rooms for real-life cards and dealers. You can play multiplayer options too. (Just imagine a hold'em poker game with a pot of Zcash coins!)


Is Zcash Mineable?

The easiest and most accessible way to obtain Zcash is by going to a trading service and purchasing it outright using centralized currency or a different currency.

With that being said, you can also mine for Zcash. What you'll need is the proper hardware, the right expectations, and to choose the best software for you, but there is definitely Zcash ready and waiting to be mined. Choose the right mining software dependent on your platform, spend the time doing the research and familiarizing yourself with the tutorials, and you might just enrich yourself like a weary traveler who struck gold in California during the Dust Bowl!


From a to Zcash

We love providing cryptocurrency overviews: we're the leading cryptocoin casino, after all! But that's exactly what this is, an overview, meaning that if you really want to have the most successful soiree into Zcash casino, you'll want to dig deeper.


And here's another bonus offer: register at FortuneJack, and before you even have to deposit Zcash or whatever cryptocurrency you prefer, you can enjoy a no-deposit bonus of 25 free spins, just for signing up. Then there are welcome bonuses, daily promotions, and more free Zcash than you'll know what to do with: other than use it to play your favorite Zcash game, that is.