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Crypto Casino

Choose among the most amazing number of Crypto casino games, and make your own luck at FortuneJack. The most reliable cryptocurrency casino!

What Is Crypto?

You know how cash is anonymous? You can take it out of an ATM,hand it to anyone, and a transaction has been made. Cryptocurrencyis a lot like that, but digital. Every transaction made can be madeanonymously, but where a cash exchange may not leave a papertrail, every Bitcoin transaction is also recorded. This ensures thatany and all disputes, any claims to ownership, can be quickly andeasily verified by independent parties with no stake in the claim.And you know how people mine for gold? Well, you can mine forBitcoin too, and it can be incredibly lucrative if you know what you'redoing and willing to take an investment risk.But put simply, Bitcoin is a digital token that represents a value,dictated independently of middlemen or governments, andperformed anonymously while presented publicly.

What is Crypto gambling?

If you've ever played at a casino, be it traditional or online, you havea pretty good understanding of Crypto betting. The similar odds, thesame strategies and gameplay, and an enormous selection ofgames, it can all be enjoyed using this cryptocurrency.Just like with regular gambling, the idea of Crypto gambling is thatyou're risking a specific amount of money in the hopes that you'llwin that money back, plus an additional amount. For example, if youplay with Crypto on Roulette, it would be a double or nothing win ifyou placed chips on Red.The quality, fairness, and immersion of Crypto Casino ismesmerizing, and the number of options is pretty much limitless. AtFortuneJack, for example, Crypto games range from Slot machineslike five-reel Mega Moolah and its progressive jackpot, to tableclassics like Blackjack and Craps. You can even bet on Live Casino
games, where you can bet with real dealers on real tables via a livestream. Talk about digital cash!FortuneJack also pulled a card out of the Bitcoin transparency bookand introduced the Provably Fair system. It's where players can seefirsthand the true randomness of the game, and even change thingsup to really ensure fairness. Learn morehere.For those of us who prefer fun over complex math equations,gambling beats Crypto mining by a landslide.

Can Crypto Be Turned into Cash?

Just like selling a stock (but easier and more straightforward), youcan easily sell your Bitcoin in an exchange for real money. Whatevercurrency you prefer as well. There are some fees that are a bitsteeper than they would be than standard Bitcoin transactions, but ifthe market hits a high point and you're looking to cash out, it's aseasy as Google searching "Bitcoin to [your currency of choice]."Verify that it's a legitimate website, and you'll have a fatter bankaccount in no time.Your digital coins can easily be exchanged for physical coins. Don'tforget your coin belt!

What else should you know about Crypto Casino?

From here, really diving into the Crypto gambling community will beup to you. Go forth, it can be very rewarding. We recommenddigging into Bitcoin's scalability issue, how more than 25% ofBitcoins have been lost for good, the big Bitcoin hack of 2016, andmore. It can take up a lot of your time, but it can also fill up a lot ofyour Bitcoin wallet (and, subsequently, your financial worth.)Bitcoin may be the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, butthere are more. Take a look at our various pages covering some ofthe most common, and please reach out to FortuneJack's friendlyand knowledgeable support staff for any and all questions orclarifications.Good luck, have fun, and may good fortune be with you!
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