Will bet but will win?


Boyz, I know I should not talk about betting because I missed almost everything in previous games, but you know I love football, so I can’t leave betting, without one great win in the Champions League. Here are some interesting games and it becomes way more interesting when you bet on them.

I will choose 2 games from Tuesday’s matchday and more 3 from Wednesday’s. To start with, Manchester United is playing against Villarreal and Chelsea playing against Juventus, despite the fact that both Villarreal and Juventus are great teams, I believe English clubs will win without any doubt. Chelsea is the trophy holder and Manchester has Ronaldo, the trophy chaser himself. Ole is out and that is why I think Manchester will win with Ronaldo’s goal. What about the blues, they have a great coach and a very compatible team, that’s why I believe in their winning.

To be honest, I am waiting Wednesday more, because here is Manchester City vs PSG. Also Atletico Madrid vs Milan and Sheriff Tiraspol against Real Madrid. It is very complicated to guess the result, so I just shoot my shot. In Atletico vs Milan, I think both teams will score because both teams have some talented and experienced players. What about Sheriff vs Real Madrid, I think the away team will win, despite the fact that Real lost the previous match with Sheriff, it is still the royal team, so I give them chance and I believe they will not disappoint my beliefs. The most satisfying game is City vs PSG, 2 wealthy teams with the desire of winning the Champions League. Despite my sympathy for Guardiola, I think PSG will win this game, maybe the reason is Messi.

To contribute odds, it’s some kind of 49, I don’t say that you must win with this bet, but it is worth trying. As always. It was a pleasure writing to you, wish you luck. Best regards and much love from fizzmate.