Orbital Video Poker – enjoy regular poker with a twist!


Video Poker is an excellent blend of two of the most popular casino games: Slots and Poker. It has the seamless style of Slots and still gives you the feel of a traditional Poker game.

Orbital’s creative team has created yet another breakthrough notion of simplicity in Video Poker. It is a highly configurable yet simple game in which you have total control over your luck. Based on the card combinations, you make strategic decisions and hold the appropriate cards.

You may already know how to play Video Poker, but it’s never pointless to review the winning rules of the game.

How to play Video Poker game?

To begin, determine how much Bitcoin you want to play with. The credit conversion rates are displayed beneath the gameboard. Press “Deal” once you’ve entered your wager amount. Five cards will be handed to you. After that, you’ll be able to maintain whatever combination you wish and try for a high poker hand.

Each hand’s goal is to finish with one of the five winning combinations of cards. You’ll gain 2x your winnings if you strike the right color! You’ll receive 4x if you guess a suit.

Winning combinations include:

  • Royal Flush – 800x
  • Straight Flush – 60x
  • Four of a kind – 22x
  • Full House – 9x
  • Flush – 6x
  • Straight – 4x
  • Three of a kind – 3x
  • Two Pairs – 2x
  • Jacks or Better – 1x

Provably Fair Algorithm to Enjoy

The reason why it’s better to play Video Poker and other mini-games in bitcoin casinos is the Provably Fair technology that makes results of the game completely fair. This technique ensures that neither the player nor the casino can cheat. One of the best Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos is undeniably FortuneJack, where all Video Poker players may use our Provably Fair algorithm to check the fairness of their games by validating the results.

Why at FortuneJack?

Besides the provably fair reason mentioned above, here at FJ, you can enjoy the game with its unique features, like a minimal bet of 0.1 USD and a maximum payout of 1000x. Also, the RTP in our Video Poker amounts to 99%, and the winning possibility is not less than 100.000 USD.

So, try your luck from any device you want and collect your winnings with the fastest transaction you’ll find among crypto casinos.