Orbital Mines – don’t blow your chance to win!


Mines, one of the most well-known games of all time, is now available on the blockchain and can help you make some real income. The aim is to click on the field that discloses either free space or mines to uncover the entire board. You can continue playing if you land on a free space; however, your bets will explode if you land on a mine. FortuneJack’s own game developing company, Orbital, took this “mind-blowing” and engaging game of luck to a whole other level, providing total control to the player.

How to play Mines?

As mentioned above, the main goal of this game is to open as many fields as possible without blowing up on mines. With each opened field, winnings increase.

The player can cash out after each successful guess. The game also provides an auto-play option to customize various settings, like the number of mines, number of bets, etc.

The number of mines chosen determines the winning amount.

Some benefits of playing Mines at FortuneJack

The primary reason you should choose a crypto casino, like FortuneJack, to play Mines and other games is the technology called Provably Fair, which is not available in every online casino, by the way.

The PF algorithm implies that you can check for fairness and randomness in every game. To do so, just collect your Client Seed and Server Seed after you finish playing and submit them to the Provably Fair Verifier tool on the site. The results will reflect that you played well and received a fair outcome.

Another significant advantage of playing at FJ is anonymity. We value your privacy. You won’t be asked for any personal information or documentation, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Mines while being anonymous.

It’s also essential to have a low house edge, which amounts to 1% at FJ. The number of Mines that will cause you to lose will be distributed so that all bettors will gain 99% of their bets in the end.

The last but not least reason to choose mobile-friendly Orbital Mines at FortuneJack is that this fun and highly engaging PF game will give you the chance to WIN the fortune, which could be worth up to $100,000.

So, why don’t you give it a try!