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Casino 02 Oct 2017

Why Most Players Play Slots

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Home Casino Why Most Players Play Slots

According to several polls and studies, the most popular game in the casino is, by far, the Slot machine. And that applies to both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. In fact, Slots are commonly listed as making up over 50% of casino play, while all the other casino games combine to make up the other half.

But why is that? FortuneJack has the answers.


It's difficult to pinpoint the number one cause of the Slot machine popularity, but the gameplay is definitely a major factor.

Every spin has the opportunity to present Scatters that multiply your total bet, not just the line bet. Wild symbols can take the place of any other to create winning combinations. Bonus games can be unlocked, sometimes even requiring (or at least simulating the requirement of) video game strategy beyond just smart gambling, like scoring past the keeper or choosing a mine tunnel.

Free spins, a variety of line and bet combinations, and the option to play in-depth Slots or classic three-wheel — when it comes to gameplay, the bells and whistles of the Slot machine are simply unmatched.

Winning Potential

This is huge. This is most likely the biggest reason for Slot popularity. What other game can instantly turn a one-dollar bet into a million-dollar payout?

Progressive Jackpots can be truly life changing, and since they're often linked across Slots, its omnipresence offers a consistent promise of incredibly high payout potential. And that's not to mention the fixed-rate payout; for example, lining up five bonus symbols along a single line to unlock a 4,000x multiplier: bet a single dollar, win 4,000, just in just one spin.

Other than maybe a lengthy Poker tournament with a large buy-in, no other casino game comes close when it comes to winning potential.

Promos Galore

We can't really speak on the limited promotional offers of land-based casinos, but online casino promotions and bonuses go with Slots like peppermint tea goes with Egyptian chocolate cake.

Not only do Slots always have the most lucrative bonus offers, the bets placed on Slots always count in full toward the rollover requirements, and comp points are always earned in full. Heck, you might even find that more than 100% of Slot bets count towards something or another in the terms and conditions.

No matter what online casino you play in (although why anyone would play anywhere other than FortuneJack remains a mystery), you'll see Slots-specific promotions in large numbers, which means free money to use to play the most popular casino game.


You can find a wide range of Video Poker machines, and there's at least six variations of the Roulette table that you could stumble across. In the online casino world, nearly every game comes in at least somewhat of a variety, but with Slots, the variety is absolutely staggering.

Thousands of different Slots are out there, many casinos personally offering hundreds of options in their lobbies alone. At FortuneJack, we offer Slots from a number of different software providers to give you both a variety of options as well as a variety of artistic prowess.

Famously varied, Slots make it easy for a Slots-only player to play a different game every day for the foreseeable future. With Slots, keeping things fresh has never been easier.

Accessibility and Approachability

You can find a Slot machine in so many random physical locations, it's not even worth listing them out (I've seen them at highway rest areas), and every land-based and online casino offers Slots in droves. They're extremely easy to play, they don't require a large budget (ever hear of Penny Slots?), and they're pure fun. Plus, Slots are a solo endeavor, so if you're a little shaky on strategy, you don't have to nlearn as you go in front of a bunch of strangers like you would at, say, a land-based Craps table. You might not find a French Roulette table at practically any online casino, but if you stumble upon a casino without a Slot machine in sight…well, now we're describing something like the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster, nonexistent figments of our imagination that evoke fear and dismay.


Slots are fun, approachable, accessible, come in a wide variety, have insane winning potential, and attract the most lucrative bonuses. With online casinos, this the Golden Age of being a Slots-only player, but it's easy to assume that most players switch over and let the reels spin from time to time, even if Slots aren't their main go-to.


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