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Casino 31 May 2017

Provably Fair Casino Games

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Brick and mortar casinos offering card games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat and Caribbean Stud Poker don’t have to stress about credibility as much as their online counterparts offering the same games. This is simply because players can watch as the action unfolds in real time before their eyes, as opposed to the online casinos where the results are generated by the computerized RNG software.

Fortunately, regulated online casinos offer fair, transparent and credible services that are regulated by both licensing bodies and reviewed by independent casino watchdogs. Non-bitcoin casinos, for instance, are tested by companies such as eCOGRA and GoDaddy. They run different tests on the random number generators just to see how random they generate the results. Provided the outcome of the games is 100% random, they are 100% fair.

As oposed to the regular online casinos, we tend to use a different approach to prove our games are fair. This method is referred to as ‘Provably Fair’. This is a unique approach in that we give our bettors the opportunity to play our games and test the game’s results are indeed accurate. This service is not new to our community, especially to the players who frequent our website. Sadly, most of our new bettors play without trying to understand what provably fairness is and how important it is for them to verify if the games are provably fair.

Our provably fair system works using a sophisticated cryptographic hash function. Any input data is converted into a hash string that’s verified with an algorithm. If there is any form of interference or modification of the game, the hash string won’t be verified. At FortuneJack, we offer a wide variety of provably fair games that include Dice, Keno, FortuneSlot, FortuneWheel and Blackjack, though we hope to include more games in future.

How Provably Fair Works

The concept behind the cryptographic technology is a bit technical, but with our Dice, Keno, FortuneSlot, FortuneWheel and Blackjack games the process is rather simple and straightforward. Before we proceed, we need to define a few terms that are commonly used in provably fair testing.

Important Definitions

Hashes: These are a long string of characters that are derived from other data. It’s a sophisticated mathematical problem that’s very difficult to solve, but if solved, it would give the data in hashes. If you already have a solution, it is easy for you to backward test it to verify that the solution is actually correct.

Seeds: This is extra data, usually a string of characters, which you apply to the hash (described above) to modify what it hashes.

Provably Fair Blackjack – How Our Bitcoin Gamblers Test Blackjack is fair!

Part 1 – Playing The Game

Step 1: We shuffle the deck as we normally do
Step 2: We provide our bettor with a hash of the shuffle
Step 3: As we deal the card, you’ll provide a random seed that we cannot see or predict. This seed changes the card to something that neither you nor us can predict. You can do this by manually typing it in, or you can delegate this to your browser.
Step 4: The card is dealt, you play your hand and wait for the results, which you’ll now have to prove that they were indeed a true representation of the outcome

Part 2 – Verifying that we dealt the cards fairly

Step 1: The initial deck is laid out so that you can verify that the deck started out as indicated by the hash we provided
Step 2: The final deck is also laid out so that you can verify that the cards were changed as per the seed you provided

If both of these things check out, then you are assured that you have just played a provably fair Blackjack game. The FortuneJack team thinks that provable fairness is without a doubt one of the remarkable ndevelopment in the industry and we hope that you enjoy our provably fair game, Blackjack, free of any charges.

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