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Cryptocurrency 20 Apr 2018

FortuneJack Rolls Out Another Free Bitcoin Giveaway

Home Cryptocurrency FortuneJack Rolls Out Another Free Bitcoin Giveaway


FortuneJack's monthly #JACKMATE is a crypto community impact initiative first introduced in March, 2018, wherein crypto enthusiasts produced a wide range of positive additions to the community as a whole.


And at the end of the month, the FortuneJack Judges chose Ryan Shields (@Shieldzzzy84 on Twitter) as the winner for creating the website www.bitcoingamingonline.com, and he received 1 BTC as a result.


For the month of April's #JACKMATE theme, FortuneJack is stepping away from general impact and getting a lot more specific – crypto influencers, traders, and enthusiasts are encouraged to pick one, specific cryptocurrency and Tweet a fundamental analysis with the hashtag #JACKMATE.


One altcoin. One short fundamental analysis. One month (from April 17 to May 17). As many tweets as it takes.


The more unique and creative the content, the higher the likelihood of catching the Judges' attention. And at the end of the month, the winner gets a free Bitcoin for educating the Twitter crypto community.


Then, #JACKMATE is rolled out again for the month of May, and then again the month after that, just as promised.


Here's the quick-read way to win #JACKMATE APRIL:


  •       Choose one cryptocurrency.


2a.        Tweet a short, fundamental analysis with the hashtag #JACKMATE.

2b.        The more unique, the higher your chances of winning.


  •       Our Judges choose the best.


4a.        You win 1 BTC for your impact…

4b.        Or you can try again next month!


FortuneJack is also encouraging participants to share more about their ideas on their Discord channel, as the clearer they can see the projects, the better they can determine a winner.


Who qualifies? As long as your Twitter handle is more than a month old (the initiative is specifically to reward active members with at least a semi-established passion), you could win.


The reason for this FortuneJack giveaway is simple – the casino was "created by crypto-enthusiasts for crypto-enthusiasts, by investors for investors, and by winners for winners." It's a team of creatives that are avidly involved in the crypto community, one with the goal of empowering others to climb even higher… and being rewarded for it.


In fact, for those who already provide the fundamental analyses we all rely on, this promotion might be as simple as tagging #JACKMATE. For others, it might be providing a personal fundamental analysis for the first time, or perhaps grabbing the opportunity to promote a viable decentralized currency that's not getting its proper due. Or maybe it's showcasing your findings in a new and creative way.


The possibilities are endless. There's a near countless number of potential coins to highlight. And there's a whole community of interested people who need and rely on your insight.


In the end? Well, you might just get a free Bitcoin, just like Ryan Shields.


So the only thing left to do is figure out what coin to focus on. But chances are, if this is the contest for you, you already have one in mind.


Good luck!


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