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Gambling 27 May 2020

How CSGO betting with Bitcoin became popular

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Home Gambling How CSGO betting with Bitcoin became popular

Bitcoin Casinos provide various different forms of gambling entertainment. Some heavy-hitters of the industry even venture into Sports betting. Considering the ongoing events, Esports are gaining serious traction and is becoming extremely popular within the community of sports bettors. One game that attracts an especially large portion of the attention of players all around the world is CSGO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest entry in the franchise of CS Games, which are massively popular since the 90s and are considered to be the games that changed the video gaming world. While earlier titles were extremely popular on the local scale, with people playing on national servers, CSGO has taken over the global web using popular game retail service of the parent company Valve – the famous "Steam". CSGO's global tournaments attract thousands of high-caliber players, providing millions of spectators with immense levels of fun. Due to the global pandemic and the suspension of sports, gamblers have switched their full attention to this amazing entry of the available Esports.

Effects of the Pandemic on Sports Betting

The beginning of 2020 has been extremely hard for the global economy and some sectors have experienced more damage than the others. Among these highly affected industries were the live sports. Games of Football, basketball, tennis and all the other major sports have been suspended for several months now and correspondingly, sports betting has been taking a heavy hit as well. This prompted the betting websites and gamblers to look for the alternatives and both found them in popular Esports. Other than CSGO there are infinitely more games that have open international tournaments available for players to participate in and for the spectators to enjoy watching. This prompted biggest Crypto Casinos like FortuneJack to fully incorporate CSGO betting into their selection of available entertainment. In the beginning many thought of Esports as a temporary alternative, but as the time goes by, spectators are finally realizing how fun it is to watch and bet on Esport games.

Why did CSGO Betting become popular?

Among all the various esports games, it's an undisputed fact that CSGO is undoubtedly the most popular and sought-after entry. CSGO betting has captured the minds of thousands of gamblers because of many different reasons. It all started out as a temporary alternative until the live sports came back but gamblers soon realized that their initial assumption was far from the truth. CSGO Betting has become extremely popular because the tournaments are filled with highly skilled players that have honed their abilities throughout the years of vigorous training and playing experience. Just like the real sports, these games are all about the winning spirit and the hunger for victory. They are full of emotions, crazy skills and amazing moves that these players perform. These games are filled with adrenaline and such dynamic that leaves the spectators holding to the edge of their seats. CSGO Bitcoin betting is an extremely fun activity and every sports betting enthusiast should definitely give it a go.

CSGO Bitcoin Betting

It's a fact that crypto casinos are the ones pioneering the incorporation of Esports, unlike the other sections of the gambling industry. As soon as the live sports stopped, BTC Casinos started to add tournaments like CSGO into their selections. It basically is the same as with the usual sports betting. You can bet on your team of choice to win the match. Also, who gets the most kills, deaths, points, etc. You can bet on the final score as well as many other details, just like in the real sports. Players can easily create a bet slip and raise their odds of winning exponentially. All in all, CSGO Betting is a perfect alternative, especially during these strange times.


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