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Gambling 30 May 2017

Gambling Pioneer: How to Earn Bitcoin Through Betting

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Home Gambling Gambling Pioneer: How to Earn Bitcoin Through Betting
There exists an unconventional thrill in being a technology pioneer. We here at FortuneJack have an adventurous streak that urges us to challenge the status quo, to innovate, to engage our bettors with new opportunities. Cryptocurrency offers a modern touch to the games our bettors crave while providing a safer, more secure gambling experience.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency based on an ultra-secure technology called blockchain which contains records of every transaction which are then held by most everyone who uses the currency. This keeps bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like ether, protected by the community that values them.

Why use bitcoin?

We have seen it in the news nearly every day--”Bitcoin Hits a New, All-Time High”--as intrigue swells and forward-thinking investors continue to see and trust the immense value of cryptocurrency.

From this inspiration arose a haven for bitcoin gamblers--FortuneJack. Whether a casual,social, or even professional gambler, the educated folks in Jack’s Circle are enthusiasts who view earning bitcoin through gambling as lucrative and fulfilling. Plus, we are always happy to start a conversation with new members of the community.

How do our bettors earn bitcoin?

Earning bitcoin through traditional methods like mining can be time-consuming and require substantial computing power in order to be successful. Other currencies, such as dollars, can also be exchanged for bitcoins at varying rates based on the market. Bettors who join us at FortuneJack can gain instant bitcoin earning potential through a transparent, trusted name in gambling, known the world ‘round.

Members of Jack’s Circle can enter the wild and wonderful world of bitcoin by playing any of the games on FortuneJack. We offer experiences to suit any taste with top-of-the-line graphics and an astonishing community of helpful go-getters. A taste of what you’ll find at Fortune Jack includes blackjack, lottery, poker, and one of the most popular dice games in the world.

You play, we pay--quickly, conveniently, and dependably. Now, we’ve even partnered with BitGo to make our bettors lives even easier so they can enjoy an all-inclusive cryptocurrency gambling experience and get bitcoin payouts in mere microseconds.

Plus, as the news has shown us, the fortunes our bettors earn just may keep growing and growing and growing.

Are you ready to find fortune? If so, you’ve hit the high-tech jackpot. Join Jack’s Circle now to start playing.

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