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Gambling 18 Jan 2018

FortuneJack makes History

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FortuneJack makes History

Shrouded in mystery, cloaked in rumor, Bitcoin Gambling has had a very unique and fascinating history. Going from the strength to strength and emboldened by the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, it shows no signs of slowing down. FortuneJack have been at the forefront of this rise and have quickly grown to be the industry leaders. Setting the trend when it came to accepting new crypto currencies, offering our players the greatest choice and becoming one of the first casinos to start offering Ethereum and Monero as deposit and withdrawal options. More recently we have expanded our offerings to include Bitcoin Cash, once again setting the path for the industry to follow.

This has not gone unnoticed

Our deep history and respected reputation has now officially been recognized as being an integral part to the development of Bitcoin Gambling through the official Bitcoin Gambling timeline. Featuring such milestones such as creation of Bitcoin, alongside other essential industry moments such as the biggest win recorded at a Bitcoin casino (so far, for all our lucky players). Alongside important milestones relating to FortuneJack, including when FortuneJack was founded, and when we started offering a more diverse range of deposit options and withdrawal options to our players.

Official History is Made!

We are now proud to present the official timeline of the history of Bitcoin gambling so far, as charted by the team at Bitcoin Gambling 101.

Well that has been the history so far, and what a history! The industry has been changing rapidly and we are sure this year will bring additional surprises and milestones that will contribute to the next timeline.

Now it is time for you to start playing at the historic casino - FortuneJack


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