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Cryptocurrency 25 Jan 2019

I analyzed and evaluated all four coins from Coin Primaries ballot

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Home Cryptocurrency I analyzed and evaluated all four coins from Coin Primaries ballot

I analyzed and evaluated all four coins from Coin Primaries ballot

FortuneJack recently announced about a new idea they call 'Coin Primaries.' Basically, the casino is asking the community to choose which coin should it add as a banking system. The approach is very community oriented, that's why when I was asked to write a bit about each and every coin offered in a ballot, I happily accepted. Here is what I think on EOS, TRON, VERGE, and ETHEREUM CLASSIC and their combinability to the gambling industry.

Some cryptocurrencies have a lot of advantages for the gambling industry and its users. This is why the gambling industry is one of the most popular blockchain uses and has a vast amount of developed decentralized apps. Essential aspects of cryptocurrencies may be the speed of the transaction, the transparency of operations and the anonymity of the users paying with them. In the light of coin primaries, we discuss 4 well-known cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry.

EOS suits the online gambling industry because the BFT-DPoS protocol enables users to reach an incredible amount of transactions per second while transactions have literally no costs. No wonder EOS a large portion of DApps on the EOS blockchain focus on gambling. Most operations on the EOS blockchain are for gambling purposes. EOS is not called the Las Vegas of the blockchain for nothing. However, setting up an EOS-wallet comes with technical challenges compared to other coins. This is because transactions need to be fuelled with computational assets that require another coin.

TRON, the youngest coin of the bunch, has quickly gained popularity by online gamblers. Setting up a wallet and actually using it is more comfortable because it does not require computational assets like GAS. You can literally play instantly after transferring your coins to the intended wallet. While being incredibly fast and scalable in volume, it also has the marketing aspect on point. The incredible Trondice winnings pointed out by Justin Sun attracts a lot of users. It even overtook Ethereums transaction volume, and TRX transactions are 99,9% gambling related.

VERGE is a very popular coin in the crypto world and has a vast community behind it, just like TRON. Mines introduced gambling into its ecosystem of XVG. This is a minesweeper game in which players can win XVG by uncovering blocks and avoiding mines. The developer of the game chose VERGE as the currency for this game because of its privacy orientation and the ability to cash out winnings instantly without the hustle and anonymously.

ETHEREUM CLASSIC hard-forked from Ethereum in December 2016 because of the well-known hack and immutability discussion. It has never been edited by the founder, like Ethereum itself, for returning funds, which may be valued by the gambling industry. It has one of the fastest blockchain networks. With over 2000 DApps on the blockchain, gambling and gaming is the number one application of this blockchain regarding a number of transactions and DApps.

So, but to vote wisely, you need to consider various aspects and how they look in space and time. This is my personal opinion, and I do not want to influence your decision, but for me, in 2019, mostly because of transaction speeds, active and woke community and already proven successful adoption to the gambling industry, TRON is the rightest way to go. But its only me.


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